10 Things That Don’t Matter at Your Wedding

  1. If the cake topper is different than you remember, no one will notice.
  2. If you miss a word or a line when you or your groom are saying the vows you each wrote, no one will notice (as long as you say “I Will” or “I Do” correctly).
  3. If the flowers in the centerpieces are made up of only 7 lilies instead of 8, no one will notice.
  4. If you forget to wear your necklace, earings, or something blue, no one will notice.
  5. If the napkins are the wrong shade of pink, no one will notice. Same with your nailpolish.
  6. If one of your bridesmaids walks down the isle with the wrong groomsman, no one will notice.
  7. If the band/dj forgets to play “The Electric Slide”, no one will notice (and someone might actually thank you).
  8. If you walk a little too slow or a little too fast down the aisle, no one will notice (as long as you’re not sprinting like a track star).
  9. If the bestman doesn’t say anything to embarass you or your groom, no one will notice (and you’ll probably be very relieved).
  10. And last but not least… if Aunt Mary or Edna (supply the relative of your choice here)gets too big of a piece of wedding cake, no one will notice, and your Aunt will probably enjoy every moment of it.
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