2019 Wedding Invitation Trends Emerge


The choice of wedding invitation is always a difficult one, primarily because there are so many choices available. Wedding invitation trends are emerging for 2019, and brides can expect the number of choices to increase.

While invitations are still available in traditional colours – white, ivory and ecru – many brides are opting for bright and bold colours instead. In 2019, brides will be treated to tropical pinks, oranges and yellow shades, along with stand-out reds, blues and purples. Warmer neutral colours in browns, pinks and pastel purple are also receiving extra attention from this year’s brides. Coloured inks that stand out from the invitation colour are also popular.

Invitations that match the colour scheme of the wedding are extremely popular. Other themes can find their way into the invitations based on the wedding’s location or the season of the year.

More brides are opting for customised invitations in 2019 that lend a unique quality to the event. Also on the decline are single-panel invitations. Instead, brides are choosing card-style invitations, tri-folds and specialised presentations that include photographs, embellishments like ribbons and bows, scroll invitations and all-in-one pocket-fold cards.

Brides are also choosing non-traditional fonts that make their invitations stand out from the crowd. Printed calligraphy, artistic fonts and even custom fonts are making their way to the top of a bride’s preferred options.

Many couples are also looking at unique, natural, and recycled paper stocks to create a special texture and feel, while preserving the environment at the same time. Many couples are asking their guests to RSVP online or via telephone, rather than using a traditional RSVP card.

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