Amethyst Wedding Rings


Amethyst is gemstone that you can have adorned on your wedding rings. Amethyst is purple type of quartz. Most of amethyst comes from the country of Brazil. Deep Russian Amethyst is the highest grade of amethyst and is very rare. It can cost a minimum of $50,000 or more for just one carat of Deep Russian Amethyst. The majority of amethyst wedding rings cost around $50 for one carat for the raw jewel. It has a hardness of seven which makes amethyst perfect for jewelry and wedding rings. The name amethyst originates from the Greek words “a” and “methustos” which together translates into “not to intoxicate.” The Greeks and Romans believed the stone had magical powers to prevent intoxication. Amethyst is believed to be a powerful aid to healing, spiritual awareness, and creative thinking. It can calm the mind and protect someone from negative energy. Many couples select amethyst wedding rings who want a unique modern style ring.

Amethyst Rings
Amethyst Wedding Rings

Before you select a wedding ring adorned with amethyst you should consider whether it fits your taste properly and the quality. Why do you want such a ring? This is a very important question. Amethyst rings are not a traditional wedding ring. They are unique and very colorful. Your wedding ring should represent your personal taste and your relationship. The ring itself is the symbol of your love and dedication to one another. You want it to properly fit your commitment. Is your love vibrant, spiritual, or magical? If so then an amethyst wedding ring is probably right for you. Remember, it should reflect you and what your relationship represents. Many women who are Aquarius select amethyst type of wedding ring because it is also the birthstone for that zodiac sign. Some people select amethyst rings to symbolize the calmness and clarity they want to bring into their marriage. There are many reasons to select amethyst wedding rings, but the most important is how it represents you. The quality of your ring can be difficult to tell. There are many synthetic amethyst rings that are nearly impossible to tell apart from quality. This makes it extremely hard to select the best grade of amethyst. The best way to insure top-notch quality amethyst in your wedding ring is to only purchase your ring from certified jewelry dealers. Make sure to always perform extensive research before you go ring shopping. Find out what credentials selected stores have. Ask questions about the sources of their gemstones.

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