Are Wedding Sparklers Safe?


Wedding sparklers can be a fun way to celebrate a new marriage. However, this does bring up the question of whether or not using them is safe to do. The answer is that it is safe, provided certain precautions are taken.

The first priority is ensuring that local law allows wedding sparklers to be used. Unlawful use of them can lead to fines for a couple and possibly even for the wedding venue itself.

Once it has been determined that wedding sparklers are legal to use, the first obvious precaution that must be taken is not allowing children unsupervised access to them. This is the very first rule of sparkler safety. Doing so can cause an accident that could even end up being fatal. In addition, it is best to read the instructions for use on the package of wedding sparklers once they have been purchased.

Due to their nature, wedding sparklers are only safe to use outside. Even then, anyone using them must ensure that the sparklers do not come into contact with clothing, ladies handbags and other accessories, or table clothes and other similar items.

In addition, wedding sparklers should not be lit or used anywhere near any kind of vehicle or other source of gasoline and various other flammable liquids. When they are lit, they should be lit one at a time. It is dangerous to light multiple sparklers at once and this should be avoided at all costs.

When lighting wedding sparklers it is best to use a barbecue or butane lighter as opposed to a cigarette lighter. Using a cigarette lighter requires people to put their hands closer to the spark of fire; this is why barbecue and butane lighters are always less risky to use.

Wedding sparklers should be kept away from any source of alcohol as well as anyone who has consumed too much. Failure to use wedding sparklers safely puts everyone in attendance at the wedding at risk of injury.

It is important to note that those using wedding sparklers should not be standing close together when they do so. Throwing or even pointing sparklers at any living being is something that must be avoided in order to use them safely.

Couples need to test out a wedding sparkler before distributing them to their wedding party and guests; especially if you ordered discount wedding sparklers from a questionable source! This will allow them to see firsthand how the sparklers work so that they can avoid anyone getting injured as a result of using them.

When guests and wedding party members are attempting to light their own sparklers, it is best to use a sparkler that has already been lit. The process of lighting a sparkler should be done as far away from its wire handle as is possible.

After a wedding sparkler has gone out it is dangerous to try and relight it. Used wedding sparklers should be soaked in water to ensure that no harm will result from its use.

Following these important guidelines is the only way to safely use wedding sparklers during a couple’s celebration. If you take the seriousness of your safety for granted, that outcome will not be what you’d expect or maybe even something worse; a serious injury at your wedding.

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