Asian Theme Wedding Ideas


Our August 2018 wedding had an Asian flair to it. Looking back, the theme rose out of two things: our love for Asian cuisine – Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai – and my husband’s unwillingness to place flower centerpieces on each table. He said we should go for “Zen.”

It turned out lovely! We were able to have a very untraditional wedding with a Far-Eastern flair.

The Dress
Your dress doesn’t have to be Oriental or Asian in appearance. Think fabrics – silks, brocades. Your accessories can add just the right touch of Asian elegance.

Hair Accessories
Rather than romantic and curly, think dramatic lines. Pull your hair back straight and attach with chopsticks, or a pear dragon fly comb.

Pearls go well with an Asian themed wedding. Also, brightly colored enamel jewelry.

Orchids! Bamboo, bear grass, and curly willow also look very exotic. Large lilies and colorful tropical flowers work well. My bouquet was made of 40 orchids in white, mauve and sage green. The bridesmaids carried smaller versions in green and pink.

Food and Beverage
Teriyaki chicken, potstickers, won-ton soup. Serve hot tea instead of coffee. Sapporo and Kirin are excellent Japanese beers.

We used traditional Shoji style lanterns. Each lantern had a candle inside and sat in a stoneware saucer with floating orchids, candles and river rock. The lanterns were handmade.

We purchased regular invitations – the type that fold with nothing inside. We folded them opposite so that the wording was inside the card. We used Japanese rice papers in different designs to create the front collage. A rubber stamp with the Chinese symbol for “love” was stamped on the front. We used our authentic Chinese chop to sign the backs in red for good luck.

Good luck bamboo stalks were placed in tiny stoneware bowls and packed with gravel. Pretty chopsticks would work well, too.

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