Asian Theme Weddings


These types of wedding themes are on rise during the modern era of styles and fashion. At the very first sight the Asian wedding may seem to be quite different and alluring in style. This is perhaps one of the few salient forces behind the fact that the Asian themed weddings are gaining more and more popularity day by day. Since 1960s the Asian culture, Asian philosophies and the Asian trends and traditions have gone deep into the occidental culture – especially the culture of America.

Asian Theme Weddings

Although the Indian culture have not been involved much in the Hesperian culture especially as far as the wedding in concerned, the Japanese and the Chinese style have developed deep roots thereby. With the Chinese wedding you can be so different in the red and black (the symbols of luck and prosperity) that it is bound to attract the attentions of a huge mass of the society. The inconspicuous theme of wedding without a single spot of white (the Chinese symbol of death) may prove to be as enjoyable and awe-inspiring as the wedding itself.

To select a theme is purely a choice of preference and it is hence not necessary that the couples who plan for the Asian wedding are Asians or either the brides or the grooms are Asians. As a matter of fact a great section of the population that prefers the Asian theme wedding are not actually Asians.

Today’s Asian wedding has actually broken down into two distinctive categories – the “Zen Style”, which is the Japanese style valuing the simplicity and nature and the “Chinese Style” that is usually adorned with colors and glamorous fabrics. Both these styles and fashions will fetch you a glorious expression of personal values with authentic and genuine flavor of overwhelming fun and felicity. Although in both these cases the couples tend to enjoy the royalty lavishly, yet sometimes in case of the Zen Style wedding themes the brides tend to steer clear of the exaggerations and prefer to add simplicity to the celebration of their love. It might be possible that the brides, in such cases, tend to prefer the simple yet beautiful and elegant wedding gowns. They may prefer to carry a simple lily bouquet not cluttered as with the extraneous details and galore of unwanted beauteousness. To them, simplicity is the true criterion of elegance and beauty.

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