Bachelor Party Ideas That Won’t Land Anyone in the Dog House


The bachelor party or “Stag Night” has been a tradition since the time of the Romans. The night before the wedding, the grooms best friends and male family members take him out for one last night of debauchery and pleasure.

When you think of a bachelor party, what comes to mind? Strippers, booze, cards, dice… Vegas! Some women are totally O.K. with the idea of their husband going out to a strip club the night before they marry to “get it out of his system.” The truth is, if looking at naked women and drinking heavily are in his system, chances are they aren’t ever coming out and maybe you are marrying the wrong guy. That’s just my opinion.

Bachelor Party IdeasThe following ideas are for guys that aren’t looking to rock the premarital boat. These are bachelor party ideas for men who respect the women they are about to marry and men who surround themselves with friends that respect their wishes. Real men, if you will.

First of all, never schedule a bachelor or bachelorette party the night before the wedding. That is a very bad idea. If the wedding is on Saturday, schedule the bachelor party on Thursday night. Most places are less crowded on a Thursday night anyway.

Any type of sporting activity is great for a bachelor party. A game of golf or ultimate Frisbee works well because participants of all ages can keep up and have a good time. If there are a lot of kids coming, laser tag is always fun and a good way to keep your head on something other than your nerves.

One word of caution however, don’t participate in any type of activity that may be dangerous. A friend of mine went surfing the day before his wedding and ended up in the emergency room with a broken arm. Not only did he miss the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, he also had a cast on his arm for his wedding and couldn’t wear the tuxedo jacket. His bride-to-be was PISSED. Avoid paint ball, skiing, or anything that may land you in the hospital.

Sporting events make a great bachelor party idea. Take all the boys to a football game or whatever sport is in season. If you have some money in your budget, get box seats and treat everyone to a hot dog.

Co-ed bachelor parties are gaining popularity. Have the girls meet at one location and the guys meet at another for dinner. While the guys go to a cigar bar or have a few cocktails, the girls party for a few hours and then everyone meets up at a common dance club or lounge. It’s amazing how much more fun everyone haves when the opposite sex arrives. The girls have a night to themselves, the guys get to do some male-bonding and everyone gets to dance the night away together. Perfect!

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