Baseball Themed Groomsmen Gifts


Baseball fans are some of the most loyal sports fans out there. You’ve seen them on tv or at the stadium. These are the guys that paint their faces in team colors. Some of these legendary fans attend the games shirtless only to spell out their favorite team on their bellies. As they all sit in a row, you’ll see the team name if they are all sitting in their proper positions. These guys are the bleacher bums. The men that love baseball and their beers and can easily belt out a hearty “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at the drop of a hat.

If your wedding party consists of baseball fans, you’ve got it easy when picking out the presents for these fellows. Heck, you can even get the presents for your groomsmen engraved as well. Engraving adds a thoughtful touch that everyone appreciates. In fact, the addition of personalization is what turns a good gift into a great gift – one that will be kept forever because it is custom to the gift recipient.

Top picks for personalized groomsman gifts with a baseball flair:

  1. Rawlings baseball bat. A personalized baseball bat that is an authentic Rawlings wooden bat is a surefire awesome choice. The professionals use Rawlings. So make your best man, each groomsman and ushers feel like big shots with their own custom baseball bats. This is a name brand wood bat that you can have laser engraved. Typically a groom will have something engraved with includes the title of the recipient (i.e. title would be something like THE BEST MAN), the name of the recipient in script letters, and the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. This extensive engraving truly marks the day as special when you give personalized baseball bats.
  2. Rawlings baseball in a display cube. A custom laser engraved baseball in a clear plastic display cube is a more compact memento. You’d put the groomsman’s title, such as BEST MAN, GROOMSMAN or USHER, at the top. Then the name of the recipient goes in the middle. Under that would be the wedding date. Again, what a great way to remember a home run of a day. A groom really scores big on his wedding day. His dreams of his soulmate marrying him are finally coming true. Depending on your budget, you’ll find that the personalized baseball is less than half the price of the bat. Both are authentic products from Rawlings, a famous supplier to all levels of baseball teams from Little League right on up to the pros.
  3. MLB money clip. Guys that are sports fans usually like to travel light on game day. They don’t really want to babysit a fat wallet in their pocket, hold keys and a cell phone. All that juggling can get awkward. A money clip eliminates the wallet. All you need is some cash for nachos, hot dogs and beer. Baseball team money clips are available in all teams of major league baseball. They can be given plain or a name and/or date can be engraved on the side for that “cherished keepsake” factor.
  4. MLB liquor flasks. Maybe your baseball loving friends are on a budget. They are not going to want to pay stadium prices for their booze. That’s where a liquor flask with their favorite team logo comes in. Bring your own alcohol concealed in a stainless steel liquor flask that easily fits into your jacket pocket. MLB flasks are gifts that keeps on giving!

It’s easy to knock out your groomsmen gift shopping if you can work in a baseball them. Perhaps you and the crew are all attending a baseball game? Maybe they are all hard core baseball fans? If either one of these is the case, you are safe at the plate and your groomsman gift shopping will be a piece of cake (or perhaps apple pie).

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