Beach Wedding Invitations: Information to Include


To make the most of your beach wedding, get things started off right by sending an invitation that helps your guests get into the spirit of the occasion. Beach weddings are quite different from traditional weddings, so beach wedding invitations should reflect that. Most people have never attended a beach wedding, so they might not know what to expect. It’s up to you to set the stage. Put your guests at ease by anticipating their questions and including the following information in your beach wedding invitation.

What to Wear
This is the question your guests are most likely to ask. Be sure to include information in your beach wedding invitation that specifies the kind of clothing and footwear that will be appropriate and comfortable. If the sand is soft and powdery, your guests may be able to go barefoot. However, broken seashells, pebbles, and hot sand may necessitate your guests wearing sandals or other footwear. If the beach you a chosen is especially windy or sunny, you may wish to recommend that guests wear hats. You might recommend that guests wear light-colored, lightweight clothing for hot temperatures, or bring a light jacket for a cooler sunrise or sunset ceremony. In general, dress is more casual for a beach wedding than a traditional wedding, with tea-length dresses being the norm for ladies. If you are fine with guests wearing Hawaiian shirts and baseball caps, just say the word! No doubt they be happy to oblige.

Comfort is Key
Some of your guests may have concerns about their comfort during a ceremony on the beach. If your guest list includes elderly relatives or friends with impaired mobility, include information about accessibility in your beach wedding invitation. These guests may have difficulty maneuvering on sand, so let them know if there will be pathways, ramps, or other accomodations at your location. If guests will be expected to stand during the ceremony, as happens at some beach weddings, add that information to your invitation, too. Other guests may be concerned about sun exposure, so if you are planning to have tents for shade, be sure to mention it in the invitation, as well.

Public or Private?
If the beach you have chosen is a private one, let your guests know the timeframe that it will be available for them to use and enjoy. Some guests may wish to come early to enjoy a swim or a quick tanning session! If your ceremony will take place on a public beach, it is useful to include information about beach regulations, such as whether pets are permitted. In your beach wedding invitation, provide website links about the location to help your guests plan their day. Above all, you should definitely let your guests know if there are facilities available for changing clothes, showering, and buying refreshments or sundries.

What About the Weather?
Last but not least, but sure to include information about an alternate venue, should the day of your event bring rain or other inclement weather.

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