Best Man Responsibility Toasting


A toast is a very important part of the wedding celebration. It signals the start of a good talk. It gives the guests especially the principal sponsors a chance to express their feelings towards the bride and the groom.

Who offers the first toast? In the tradition, the best man is the one who starts the toast. During the toast, the best man can give a simple speech, it can be about an embarrassing story that will bring humor to the part, of course it should not be offensive, an advice or just as simple as saying how much you value your friendship with the bride and groom. There are many things to talk about or share during the toast.

Best man’s toast is usually done early during the reception. Nowadays, the way of presenting the best man’s toast has evolved. You may not present it through the aid of videos. Video presentation takes the best man’s toast to another level.

A video presentation is just like what we see on TV. You can see important person who gives messages in the form of videos. If you want this kind of video presentation, you can organize the family members and ask for their help to create this video wedding presentation. It is also perfect for those who are eager to talk but are very shy to face the crowd. While taping the messages, you can record it over and over again, until the speech is perfect.

The best man can also create a slideshow presentation containing the bride and groom’s pictures before, and now, as a couple. To make this presentation possible, talk to the parents of the bride and groom, ask them if they could lend you pictures as well as some information regarding the pictures. A slideshow presentation like this is perfect, especially if the majority of the guests are family members of the bride and the groom. It is a great way to help them reminisce the old times.

Composing a song or a poem for the wedding is also a great way to express how much you value your friendship with the couple. It is very entertaining for the guests and it is also entertaining.
A memory box is also a nice way to start the toast. A memory box is a place where you can put all your memories together. Provide two different boxes; the first one should be filled with photos from the past. Try to explain the story behind those photos. The other one should be empty. You can say that the other box is empty because it is to be used for the future. It is a place where couples will keep all their memories of togetherness.

There are many ways in which you could present a best man’s toast. Whether you want it to be an impromptu speech, a song or a poem or you may also like to exert extra effort on it, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

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