Best Wedding Surprise Ideas


Weddings take a lot of planning and organization which is often done over weeks or months. Although this is often necessary to be able to have a smooth and hassle-free wedding, it greatly diminishes the chance to spring some surprises on various people on your special day. Still, some wedding surprises are definitely nice to have and will surely be appreciated by the recipients. The key is in more intricate planning to be able to keep the surprise a secret. Below are some ideas for wedding surprises to help get you started.


Surprise honeymoon. This is probably the most common wedding surprise. For this to happen, the groom or the bride plans the honeymoon and keeps it a secret from the partner. This may seem a lot easier than it sounds but it is really quite difficult to keep something so big so quiet for quite some time. The trick here lies in misdirection. Either make your partner believe that there will be no honeymoon soon, or if in case she/he does expect a honeymoon, make him/her believe you’re going somewhere less enjoyable.

Surprise wedding dance. A surprise wedding dance is not as tedious or as intricately designed as a honeymoon, but it is a wedding surprise that you can spring on your guests. The only things you need to plan out for with this surprise are the timing, the song, and obviously, your own dancing moves. To make it as surprising as possible, plan for an intricate dance number that your guests will not expect from you. Just make sure no one slips though, but literally and figuratively. Always remind your organizer, the band, and everyone else concerned to keep it a secret. Just make sure that you have enough surprise for the type of dance you are planning whether you have your reception at the Le Pavillon or somewhere else.

Surprise performer. Another surprise you can plan either for your guests or for your new spouse is a surprise performer. You and your fiance can arrange for a performer that your guests will appreciate a lot and that they will never expect to watch perform in your wedding. Another option is to surprise your new spouse by arranging for his or her favorite performer to perform at your wedding. If you do choose to plan for this wedding surprise, make sure that you also get an excellent sound system provider and that the venue, whether it is outdoors such as the Filipinas Heritage Library or not, has acoustics good enough for the performance.

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