Black And White Wedding Themes Are The Most Elegant

Classic Black And White Wedding Theme
Black And White Wedding Themes Are The Most Elegant

Since the 40s, black and white wedding themes have been creating unforgettably elegant events for couples. Celebrate your special day with classic black and white themes to show off your sophisticated sense of Hollywood style.

The striking combination of black and white for your wedding can be offset by using touches of red. Simple red roses and accents won’t overpower your black and white wedding themes but add a bold dash of color. Metallic accessories are a perfect way to offset your black and white theme.

During the 40s, black and white wedding themes gained popularity along with jazz clubs and Hollywood starlets. The retro look is popular again featuring new levels of texture and depth such as satin, silver, gold and velvet.

The bride can choose a straight, classic white gown with bridesmaids in black with a touch of red. The groom and ushers wear black tuxedos with red cummerbunds to match the ladies. A Hollywood-inspired groom may even choose to wear a handsome top hat.

Flowers for black and white wedding themes are outstanding and unique. Consider combinations of black roses and black “Queen of the Night” tulips with white orchids, white roses and white tulips. The bride can include pretty white flowers in her bridal bouquet such as calla lily, gardenia and narcissus. Add a few red roses to the floral arrangements to match the rest of the wedding.

Often couples choose a ball room or large restaurant with a dance floor for elegant black and white wedding themes. Uncluttered decorations, white tablecloths and black napkins finish off the sophisticated look. For a dramatic Hollywood 40s flair, add diamond jewelry and ice sculptures.

Funky black and white wedding themes include patterned tablecloths or dotted black and white accessories. By using a refreshing combination of pattern, texture and starkness, you can create your own eclectic black and white wedding theme. Another exciting black and white wedding is a “goth” theme for modern couples. The bride and bridal party often wear black. Victorian accents create a truly Gothic feel.

Instead of a 40s black and white theme, you can go for the 50s and have a jukebox, milkshakes and cheeseburgers to include the kids. Use checkerboard black and white patterns with accents of red throughout your reception. Have silver utensils to create a 50s luncheonette atmosphere.

Asian weddings, which are popular for people from all backgrounds, traditionally use black, white, red and silver. Serve Oriental food on white tablecloths with brushed silver utensils. Have wedding favors for your guests in Asian takeout boxes wrapped with black and white ribbons.

Black and white wedding themes are anything but boring. Their timeless appeal will make your wedding elegantly memorable.

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