Black Is The New White For Weddings


More brides are incorporating black into their wedding colours this year. Many designers are showing bridesmaids dresses that feature black prominently, and are also incorporating black into their wedding dresses in the form of trims and adornments.

Black lends a touch of ultra-formality to what is already a very formal event. Bridesmaids dresses that include black and white designs, black piping and accents are becoming very popular. All-black bridesmaids dresses are making a stand as well. Vera Wang, David Fielden and Pnina Tornai have all spruced up their lines with black velvet trims on gowns.

More adventurous brides can find all-black wedding dresses. As a bridal colour, black is definitely reserved for those brides who are confident and free-spirited. It’s a stark contrast from traditional wedding clothes but brides who are looking to stand out are flocking to it.

Cymbeline of Paris is offering a full-length black wedding dress, in a style that reminds one of Moulin Rouge. The strapless dress, complete with feathers and a tulle petticoat, would appeal to only the most daring of brides. Throughout the collection, however, black’s influence is felt, in trims, and bridesmaids dresses. Short dresses, and those with rich colours, are also making a comeback in Paris.

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