Blank Wedding Invitation


I have never used formal invites, but I did use less formal invites. I had a very small wedding. I personally wrote an invitation to each of my relatives and used blank note paper.

My mother used blank printable wedding invitations when inviting family to my sister’s wedding. That too was a small wedding. The ceremony was conducted in our home. My parents saved money by using tis type of wedding stationary for their wedding. Moreover, a formal invitation would not have matched with the tone of my sister’s wedding.

Blank Wedding Invitations
Blank Wedding Invitations – Printable Wedding Invitations

I can see some advantages to using blank invitations. I once read in a Parents Magazine about the woes of a family that had had 5 daughters. They had obviously faced a real challenge, when planning the wedding for each of those daughters. I think the father might have been able to use blank wedding invitations.

Such cheap wedding invitations can be purchased in large quantities. The future bride can then decide what to put on the blank invitations, which is an excellent choice for an artistic bride. She is given an opportunity to design a drawing for her invitation. Of course few brides have time to sketch a drawing on hundreds of invitations, of often professional wedding invitation templates are used in conjunction with a quality printer.

If the bride or groom knows a calligrapher, then that couple might want to get blank wedding invitations. The friend might agree to letter the invitations, using that service as a wedding gift. A couple that expected to invite an artist might also consider buying blanks.

The purchase of blank printable wedding invitations can reduce the costs for the wedding. I must caution, however, that these invitations should not become bland. Plan ahead if you decide to create personalized invitations. Gather together the materials you will need for creating those types of announcements.

Think about what words you want on the blank invitations. Even the most cooperative calligrapher can not furnish you with every phrase of your invitations. We were very lucky, because we had an Iranian printer do the work for my son’s wedding. As an Iranian, he had read many lovely Persian poems. He could suggest the wording for our invitations.

I advise the purchaser of blank wedding invitations to refrain from experimenting directly on many invitations. If you want to judge lettering or a drawing, first use regular blank paper. Only use the blank cards for deciding between two different types of lettering, or two different drawings.

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