Bottle Stoppers Favors – Best Choice For Wine Theme Weddings


Connoisseurs of wine would want their love for this excellent beverage included in all aspects of their life. As it is wine is considered one of the most sophisticated and classy drinks ever. For such people there is no other choice better than a wine theme for their wedding celebration and no better gifts than wine bottle stoppers as favors for their guests.

Bottle Stoppers Favors
Bottle Stoppers Favors – Best Choice For Wine Theme Weddings

Unique Yet Popular Bottle Stoppers Favors

The bottle stoppers are indeed quite popular even when the weddings do have a wine theme. However, when these gifts are given at a appropriate occasion, it would definitely mean much more. Check out some great choices of wine bottle stoppers as favors:

  1. Mikasa crystal bottle stopper – for those who like to dazzle their guests the Mikasa wedding favors are the best possible choice. Uniquely beautiful and extremely elegant they make a gift that would be cherished forever.
  2. Chrome cork screw and wine stopper – you will find the set of a heart shaped chrome cork screw and wine stopper a very cute and symbolic gift. This pair can easily remind your friends of the wedding since the handles come ‘dressed’ with a gown and a tuxedo respectively – representing the bride and groom. The set comes in a beautiful velvet lined favor box which could be personalized and customized as per your choice.
  3. Silver bottle stopper favors – for those who want to add a touch of class to their beautiful gifts, the silver favors or a set of wine stopper and cork screw would be just the right thing. These are not only excellent value for money but also beautiful and ornamental. You could also have a tiny favor engraving to remind your friends about the occasion on which it was gifted.
  4. Fancy bottle stopper favors – there are plenty of other designs to choose from and you could really enjoy choosing from among these which ones would suit your wedding theme best. You would have wine bottle stopper decorated with hearts, sea-shells, zircon diamonds, wedding pearls, and what not. Look up the Internet for the complete picture and then check out your neighborhood for the best deals.

With the wide varieties and designs available it is easy to find the right gift for your guests; however, when you shop for the wine bottle stoppers favors for your wedding you would be assured to have lots of fun as well.

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