Bridal Bouquets and Unique Bridal Bouquet Ideas


My wedding broke the mold in a lot of ways. It was an outdoor wedding, nontraditional, and my mother officiated. My husband wore green. My bridesmaids wore black. And, my bridal bouquet was a mix of white and black – yes, black – flowers. So, when my friend Karen asked if I thought it would be ok for her to bend a few rules to create more unique bridal bouquet ideas, I had only one answer. If it worked for me, it can work for you!

Your bridal flowers are a great place to customize the feel of your wedding, or to continue a personal theme. A traditional bridal bouquet may be full and round, and made of pastel blooms, but yours doesn’t have to be. Vary the shape of your bouquet, from round to square bouquets, or even a bundle of barely-arranged blossoms. Carry an armload of flowers if you want to, and a single stem if you don’t. Challenge color norms with blood-red roses or deep purple lilies. Unique bridal bouquets should match the bride’s personality.

Unique Bridal Bouquet Ideas
Bridal Bouquets and Unique Bridal Bouquet Ideas

The bouquet is also a wonderful place for symbolism. At the time of my wedding, my family had recently suffered the loss of three loved ones. My wedding bouquet contained three black roses, in memory of them. Choose flowers or accents that honor those who can’t attend your special day. Is a certain number meaningful in your relationship? Choose a unique bridal bouquet that uses that number, or multiples of that number, to incorporate it into your ceremony. Consider using cherished items, such as a napkin from your first date, as embellishments. Let your flowers tell the story of your love, your life, and your priorities.

Add tiny touches to bridal bouquets take them from average to incredible. Skip baby’s breath and use pearl trim instead to add shine and a delicate texture. Carefully glue rhinestones to the center of each bloom for unexpected glitter. Search craft malls, flea markets, and department stores for butterflies made of iridescent vellum or realistic feathers, wooden or glass beads, toggles, tassels, and interesting ribbon and trim. Let your creativity shine, even in an otherwise-traditional bouquet.

Sometimes, going back to the roots of the tradition lends a different kind of twist on familiar flowers. The bouquet was originally carried for its scent, so consider choosing flowers based on their smell. Using silk wedding flowers? One bridal bouquet idea is to spritz them with your perfume or dab essential oils on the leaves. Mix in fresh herbs, such as mint or thyme, for a surprising note of freshness. Tossing the bridal bouquet originated as a way to keep husband-hungry singles from tearing pieces off of the bride’s dress, which was considered good luck. Create rosettes from satin and add beads and embellishments that mirror your gown for a bouquet that truly matches your ensemble.

Karen finally admitted that she only wanted to carry a small potted plant in a tin bucket. It looked so sweet and charming that no one commented on the absence of flowers. As you plan your own wedding, let your imagination go. If you can dream it, you can do it, even if it means bending a few traditions. The most important thing is that your wedding reflects you, in all of your beauty.

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