Bridal Gloves – Yes or No?


Some brides want all the trimmings and who can blame them? After all, most of us only plan to get married once and want our wedding days to be nothing short of perfect. We want to look perfect, too, or as close to it as possible. As a bride, you get to wear a gown/dress and accessories that you don’t get to wear every day, so why not make the most of it?

Bridal Gloves: Yes or No

If you’ve been thinking of adding gloves to your bridal ensemble, now is a great time to bring this style back. Gloves work well with a number of dress fashions; just remember to:

  • Make sure some skin shows: If your gloves are long, pair them with a long gown – strapless dresses work wonderfully with this style.
  • Make sure they match your style of dress: Long, opera gloves are more for dramatic gowns, while wrist-length gloves complement shorter or more casual dresses.
  • Take them off before the ring exchange: You want that wedding band slipped directly onto your ring finger, so make sure you fit glove removal into your rehearsal.
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