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Martha Stewart posted some fun ideas to kick off my inspiration for today’s post! It is so fun to pour out more and more details whenever it comes to planning a fun event! I LOVE details! Anyone can pull off an amazing bridal shower, you just need to take some time to sort through some ideas that add the extra punch!

This is such a fun theme for a bridal shower! I actually ordered these adorable prints for one of my Best Friend’s wedding shower and adorned the cupcakes with these printables from paper and pigtails Etsy shop!



Invitations should go out at least 6 weeks to a month in advance. Match your shower invitations with the colors and theme of the bridal shower. There are so many fun ways to doll up your shower invitations! Include the couples registry locations and RSVP contact info. Many shower hosts include a map of directions to the shower destination.


“The tradition of the groom showing up with flowers just before his fiancée opens the gifts is definitely back,” says Weiss. Guests who haven’t met the lucky guy before often look forward to this part of the shower for that very reason — it’s the perfect opportunity for a pre-wedding introduction. If the groom isn’t able to attend the shower, there are other ways to make his presence felt. “It’s a nice touch to place a framed photo of the couple at the event,” suggests Weiss.

Rituals that have been passed down from older generations are still common. A popular one: making a bouquet out of the shower gifts’ ribbons and bows and using it as a stand-in for the real one at the wedding rehearsal. Other old-school traditions, such as having something old, new, borrowed, and blue on hand, are still favorites of today’s brides as well.

Creating a new tradition can add a layer of sentiment. Some ideas include passing around photos from the shower of the mother of the bride, or taking a snapshot with multiple generations of women.
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Bride Bananas: Divide your guests into groups of 3 and have each group dress a banana as a bride with whatever they have in their purses! This game is HILARIOUS and FUN! The bride gets to select a winner and be sure to give them a prize! I love to get party prizes from Michaels dollar bins. They have lots of fun items and it’s always fun to win big!

How Old are you? Place pictures of the bride and groom up at various ages and have guests guess how old they are. You could pass the pictures around or display them for everyone to see.

Couples Quiz: Arrange ahead of time for both the bride and groom to answer a set of questions. Ask your guests to write down answers to the questions the bride gave and the groom gave. See how many they can get right, and make your bride blush as she is read her grooms answers!

We love to gush over our brides! Tell us about your successful bridal showers and the fun ways you’ve planned them!

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