Brides Tackle The Challenge Of Saving Money In A Tight Economy


Brides who are planning their weddings are looking at all angles to save money on their big day. Where are the biggest gains?

The dress: Brides who are looking to cut corners are buying used dresses, and white or ivory dresses that weren’t designed specifically for weddings. The savings can be huge.

The flowers: Fresh flowers can be enormously expensive. The tricks to saving here? Buy flowers in season. Also buy from wholesalers and make your own arrangements and bouquets. Finally, make your flower budget count. Put flowers at the reception rather than the ceremony, since your guests will spend more time at the reception than at the wedding site.

The invitations: Brides are going for the do-it-yourself kits. Pre-cut, pre-printed invitations that they can dress up afterwards with ribbons or other adornments are very popular.

The venue: Fridays and Sundays are big, since they can reduce the cost of the venue by one-third or more. Free and low-cost venues, like public parks, beaches and community buildings are also a huge hit.

The cake: Multi-tiered wedding cakes are out. Sheet cakes can save a bundle. To save even more, go for cupcakes. Cupcakes are growing in popularity because they avoid the cake-cutting charges altogether and are just about the right size for dessert.

The guest list: This is the area where brides can save the most. By reducing the number of guests you entertain, you reduce the cost of the food and drinks, the primary expense in a wedding. When it comes to saving money, there’s no substitute for having a smaller reception.

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