Bridesmaid Bails Out Of Wedding To Give Birth


A bridesmaid attending her sister’s wedding at the Farringford Hotel on the Isle of Wight made it through the pre-ceremony pictures before admitting to her big sister that her baby was about to crash the wedding. Gina Weeks, 22, was taken from the wedding site to a hospital 20 minutes away, with her contractions only two minutes apart.

Four hours after the bridesmaid hit the labour suite, little Harley was born, healthy and happy. Gina passed a cell phone picture of the second new member of the family that day to her mum, still at the wedding reception. The DJ announced Harley’s arrival to the wedding guests and a loud cheer went up from the crowd.

Bride Nikki called Harley’s arrival the best wedding gift ever. She said that she couldn’t believe that her sister made it to the hotel to be with her on her wedding day when sister Gina knew that she was about to give birth.

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