Cabbage Roses vs. Peonies


Peonies have become quite the must-have flower for brides when it comes to their bouquets and floral arrangements. Who can blame them? They’re a full flower, but still have a delicate, graceful air to them. They’re a stunning and happy sort of flower. Unfortunately, peonies are not always in season. We recently discovered they have two seasons: Domestic and Peruvian. The Domestic peonies are in bloom from the end of May through mid June, while the Peruvian peonies bloom from the last week of November through about the second week of January.

Cabbage Roses vs. Peonies
Cabbage Roses vs. Peonies

Before you despair, take heart! We have glad tidings to share. There is this wonderful alternative flower, which almost look identical to peonies and is pretty much available all year round. You may even love this flower more than the peony. It’s called a Cabbage Rose. This particular rose has a large petal count and open very similarly to peonies (or cabbages, hence the name). Look at the two photos posted above. Can you tell which bouquet is made up of peonies versus cabbage roses? We can tell you the one on the right is not made up of peonies.

So, there you have it and now you know there are alternatives/look-alikes to flowers that are not in season.

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