Cheap Wedding Invitations Choices


When you are choosing your wedding invitations keep in mind the people who will get those from. You do not want to pay for cheap wedding invitations that encourage a turn-down of your wedding invite.

I would advise staying away from invitations that are supposed to be “perfect for everyone.” They are seldom very cheap wedding invitations and often look quite generic and tacky. In many cases the “everyone” refers to everyone who is familiar with of comfortable with the symbols on the wedding invitation.

Cheap Wedding Invitations
Cheap Wedding Invitations Choices

My husband and I chose very simple, inexpensive invitations for our son’s wedding. We didn’t want any invitations with a picture of a church. My husband has many Muslim, Jewish and Baha’i friends.

I myself belong to an interfaith group. Some of its members are Buddhist, Hindu or Shikh; they share their thoughts with Christians, Jews and Muslims. Exposure to such a diverse group has underlined for me the inappropriate nature of a wedding invitation that announces the wedding and suggests plans for a church wedding.

My husband found the perfect printer to help with the creation of cheap wedding invitations. He was a Muslim, but he had married a Christian woman. He appreciated the need to respect many faiths when sending a wedding invitation. Since he was a friend of my husband, he offered us a good price.

Once you have your cheap invitations, you should determine exactly how you want to address the wedding invitations. Do you want it printed on the envelope, or do you want the letters on the envelope to be in script? Decide before you get started. I learned the importance of this fact the hard way.

We failed to reach a decision before I began addressing the envelopes. After I did 2 to 3 envelopes, my husband told me he wanted me to write the address, rather than print it. We wasted a couple envelopes. Our once discount invitations thus became a bit more costly.

My husband did a good job of finding a source to order cheap wedding invitations for the wedding. Still he did not get all the information I needed for each address. Several times I lacked a zip code. I had to ask him to get that information. When buying and sending cheap invitations for weddings remember this: Time is money.

Now that I am not addressing wedding invitations, a time-consuming task, I have more time for writing. I can thus start to gain back some of the money we spent on my son’s wedding.

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