Choosing a Budget-Friendly Wedding Destination in Italy


With many reasons to choose it as the best destination to tie the knot, Italy attracts many couples every year. The diversity of destinations, great weather, and the mouthwatering cuisine are all that contribute to the increasing interest in the country. A wedding in Florence cannot be the same as that in Tuscany, Venice or Amalfi Coast. Depending upon your budget and interests, you can choose a destination in Italy that can fulfill your dreams on the special occasion.

Wedding Destination in Italy

Leaving it to the Professionals

It is not so difficult to create a budget for your wedding. However, those including the flower arrangements, the hair stylist and makeup, the transportation, catering, reception hall, etc needs to be taken care of separately and should come within your budget constraints. Wedding planners can be of help here with creative and budget-friendly ideas, and you can hire one without draining your wallet.

You can easily find multilingual planners available in every destination and venue of Italy. Be it everyone’s dream Amalfi Italy weddings or a traditional one in Venice, you will surely experience a hassle-free wedding experience. If you are in an international location, you can get these arranged online with the help of their online tools for planning.

All Under One Roof

If you would want the wedding to be budget-friendly, it is best if you choose one venue to house the guests and to host the event. This way you can save on transportation and might even save some money on the overall expenses for the bulk room bookings you make. If you are not picky about the dates, go for any date where the rates are significantly low. Those particular about the dates, especially when it comes to holiday seasons, will end up spending quite a lot on the bookings made.

Off seasons might even give you some good deals on the entire package for a wedding in Florence or anywhere in Italy. If you plan everything well in advance, you can even make flight bookings in advance, thereby saving a lot of money on that. Alternately, you can choose a beachside or a rustic wedding in the midst of the woods, and go for an appealing reception thereafter.

Going Local with Choices

International cuisines are available in Italy, yet you cannot guarantee the original taste of these savories. Italian dishes are not behind in taste, and many still prioritize these over their traditional food. If you are not so particular, go for Italian cuisines and surprise the guests with an Italian tiramisu for cake. Stick with the local flowers for decorations on the walls, tables and around. Choosing the imported ones can be more expensive here.

If you would want to make it simple like a cloisters wedding in Sorrento, or if you are choosing a rustic style event, go for a bunch of lavenders or lilies. While lilies, orchids are tulips are available all throughout the year, seasonals like the lavender, asters and daffodils have much demand. Depending upon the availability, you can make your choice.

James Hook has written many articles related to Italian weddings. In this article, he suggests to choose budget friendly destination in Italy for your wedding such as Venice, Florence and Amalfi Cost etc. He also advises to arrange cloisters wedding Sorrento as a rustic style event.

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