Choosing The Best Marriage Proposal Ideas


You’ve finally found the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with. The girl with the sparkling eyes has captured your heart, and you simply can’t imagine your life without her. Someone this special deserves a very special marriage proposal. Below are some great unique marriage proposal ideas to give you a bit of inspiration for that all important question.

Perhaps one of the most romantic ideas for marriage proposals is also one of the classics. Bring her to your favorite restaurant. Perhaps the one that you and she had your first romantic date is the place you want to pop the question. Once her favorite dessert has arrived, bring out a stunning dessert of your own. There is no real marriage proposal etiquette, as each couple is different, so be sure to use your own style and be creative!

Another great wedding proposal idea is to convince one of your friends to help with the proposal. One great idea is to buy a bouquet of flowers and convince each one of your friends to give your future bride a single flower over the day. By the end of the day, she’ll have a bouquet of flowers, and be meeting you for the big question. What could be more romantic than that?

Of course, many feel that tehe most important part of any marriage proposals is what type of ring is the best. Diamonds are perhaps the most traditional engagement ring out there, but they aren’t the only one available. Color gemstones not only are less of a burden on your checkbook, and add that unique touch that could easily bring a sparkle to your lady’s eyes. Does she simply adore the color green? Perhaps a white gold ring with an emerald surrounded by two smaller diamonds would be a great choice. Or was it her blue eyes that made you fall head over heels? Make sure that she knows just how much her eyes mean to you with a sapphire ring. By going a route other than diamonds, you can make your chosen wedding proposal ideas elegant and romantic, and choose the best one.

Another great choice for your list of wedding proposal ideas is to go big. Perhaps buying some air time on her favorite romantic radio show to pop the question feels like a great choice. Another way is to rent a plane with your message of love flying behind. If these choices are a bit out of your price range, a truly romantic idea is to arrange some plotted flowers outside her window with the all important question. You’ve found the love of your life, why not let the rest of the world you want to marry her?

No matter which way you choose, finding your perfect wedding proposal idea is not as important as spending the rest of your life with the woman you love. So shout it out, get down on one knee, say it with flowers, or convince a skywriter to deliver your message. No matter how you do it, chances are that your beloved will say yes.

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