Cool Winter Wedding Ideas


Weddings are usually held in the month of June. However, there are many people who also hold their weddings during the colder months, or off season. Winter weddings are really beautiful to attend, and very interesting to plan. Using the right planning, you can create winter wedding ideas that will be remembered for a long time. There are many ideas for wedding attire for these type of theme weddings. Perhaps use a long, white silk dress with some white fur or faux fur wrap.

Wear some diamond or diamond-like jewelry for the wedding; it complements the season. Usually wedding dresses are strapless or sleeveless; however, it is not feasible for winter weddings. The wedding dress is not the only aspect of the wedding that is a useful winter wedding idea.

Selecting the right venue for the wedding function in generally calls for some creative winter wedding ideas. If a small affair is on the agenda, then perhaps an inn with a fireplace will suffice. However, if the wedding is to be something greater than this, then you could have the ceremony in a historic mansion or perhaps some private club. Whichever venue you choose for the wedding, it is better to check the venue to see if it will be adequately heated for use on the special day.

There are also some winter wedding ideas that can be incorporated in the food for the wedding. Have normal food that you like for the wedding; however, add some winter touches like a squash dish or perhaps warm pumpkin soup. Maybe serve some eggnog, hot chocolate or spiced wines as winter specials. Having an all-white cake for the wedding is a great winter idea. Have some decorative snowflake patterns, sugar sculptures and silver embellishments added to the wedding cake.

You can incorporate some great winter wedding ideas with the right flowers for the wedding. You can choose from a silver, white, or red and green look for the decor. Even a bright bouquet with red roses, holly and pine-tree greenery forms a great idea in making the wedding much more appealing. You could decorate the tables of the wedding with simple white poinsettias or have the room filled with candles. Stringing small white lights across doorways, archways and over tables help enrich the feel of the wedding.

Think up some novel winter wedding ideas; like having the bride and groom travel by horse and carriage to the reception. There is no end to your themed ideas. Instead, use your common sense, money, imagination and creativity to get some of the best ideas for winter weddings.

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