Creative and Unique Wedding Shower Favors


Favors are small gifts given to guests to remember your special day and to say thank you for joining in the celebration.

You can give your guests favors or gifts like make-up, sachets, candles, or jewelry. For an added touch, personalize each gift with the guest’s name.

Place-card holders can double as wedding or bridal shower favors if they are unique. Other ideas guaranteed to be a hit include: small topiaries, a small silk potted plant, sachets, or scented candles.

Favors normally don’t need to be expensive. They can run from about $2 – $30 per guest depending on how much you want to spend. My suggestion is to shop around online where you can get the best deals and the most creative and unique favors.

Wedding Shower Favors Idea #1

Give the guests a tiny shopping bag with a gift certificate from a local accessory shop. New earrings for everyone!

Wanna take it a step further? Invite all the girls to meet at the mall. Pass out the bags and let everyone shop ’til they drop. Sit down at a cute restaurant afterwards for lunch.

Wedding Shower Favors Idea #2

Going formal? How about an antique teacup for everyone with three tablespoons of your favorite potpourri? Use clear cellophane to wrap it up. Throw in a variety of tea bags to be cute, too.

Thrift shops have a great variety of tea cups. They won’t always match but that’s part of the fun.

Wedding Shower Favors Idea #3

Our Rosebud combs will look lovely on the table and each of the girls will love it. They come in a variety of colors and are handmade.

Wedding Shower Favors Idea #4

Miniature rose bushes are adorable and fun to bring home. Plants can be purchased for as little as $3.99 and you can find them at the grocery store or the local florist. If you are inviting several guests, you may want to place an order a few weeks in advance to make sure there will be enough for everyone.

A variation on the theme is a lucky bamboo arrangement. The more stalks, the more it will cost.

Another idea is to give tiny succulents or cacti to match a southwestern theme. Make sure to select a variety without pricks!

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