Creative Wedding Invitations


Making creative wedding invitations is not as difficult as many perceive it to be. It can in fact, be very rewarding and allows couples to cut corners in their wedding expenses. Wedding invitations usually set the theme and the tone of the event to your guests. The design of all other wedding items will be based on the design of the wedding stationery used for the invitations. In making your own wedding invitations, it is important to have ample time to conceptualize and execute wedding invitation plans.

Creative Wedding Invitations
Creative Wedding Invitations

Aside from allowing you to save on invitations cost, it also allows you artistic freedom which is not usually available when you have your invitations made by a commercial printer. There are many sources of creative wedding invitation ideas available to everybody. Inspiration could be found in online wedding directories and websites as well as wedding magazines and books. There are two popular ways of making creative wedding invitations namely, wedding invitation kits and homemade invitations. Wedding invitation kits are commonly found in paper supply stores. These can be printed through a personal computer. All a person needs to decide is the kind of paper to be used, the font and the color of the wedding invitations. Accessories like ribbons and stamps could be added to make it look more unique. Homemade invitations, on the other hand, require creativity with the used of special papers in arts and craft stores. It can also be decorated with embellishments like ribbons, laces, stickers and others for added effect. Especially for weddings with large guest lists, it is important to ask help from family members and friends to make the process faster.

When making creative wedding invitations, it is crucial to use a good laser printer. Basic printing software should also be used to create and print card templates. Another crucial factor in the process is the selection of a special paper where the invitations are to be printed. Envelopes that match the chosen paper should also be purchased. For other decorations that may be used in the invitation cards, you can go to local craft and art stores.

There are other less conventional forms of wedding invitations. Examples are wedding invitation cards that do not have the conventional rectangular shape. Less conventional shapes of wedding invitations are round, square, oblong and any other shape. Tea length cards are also getting more popular these days. Paperless wedding invitations could also be sent out instead of the traditional paper invitation. It can be etched into a certain material, embroidered into a piece of fabric or carved on a piece of wood. Another way of making creative wedding invitations is to use belts, bows, bands, buttons, buckles and other fashion items to accentuate your wedding invitations. Lastly, vibrant colors like red, cocoa blends and metallic may be chosen as color palettes for wedding stationeries.

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