Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring


Only a jeweler with special testing equipment can distinguish a cubic zirconia wedding ring from a ring with a real diamond. While generally minus a true diamond, a a zirconia can appear just as elegant as a genuine diamond ring. A cubic zirconia looks especially elegant, when it sits on the top of a sterling silver wedding band.

Sometimes the cubic wedding ring is part of a wedding set. It might, for example be one-half of a two band set. On one band, the cubic gem might have rows of round diamonds on each side. That band might then be paired with a band containing only a thin row of small, round diamonds.

Zirconia Wedding Ring
Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring

Not every cubic zirconia wedding ring has diamonds surrounding a raised zirconia stone. Such a ring can have small, round stones in place of the small, round diamonds. In that case, any paired ring would usually have tiny zirconias in place of miniature diamonds.

The above description offers the details concerning the ring worn by a TV actress. Ellen Pempeo of “Grey’s Anatomy” wore such a ring, following her engagement to producer. Chris Ivery. No doubt the press will share with the public whether or not the star with a cubic engagement ring has also received a cubic wedding ring.

Those who do not want to get a cubic wedding ring, but who also don’t want a ring with a traditional diamond, might want to look at a website that offers very unique diamonds. They might, for example, study the diamonds available at BlueNile .com. This stone is very popular, even as a substitute for mens diamond wedding rings.

That website is a good starting point for someone considering purchase of a blue topaz or Canadian diamond. A writer from the New York Times once profiled that website. The site also received mention in Fortune Magazine.

Other unique alternatives to the standard cubic wedding ring can be found at One ring on this website has cubic diamonds. The diamonds sit in the groove on a silver or white gold band. The same website also has stones made from carbon fiber and stones made from smoky quartz.

Black stones may well become a less radical choice, as traditions of the Middle East slowly enter the western culture.

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