If you ask the average guy walking down the street when the last time he wore a pair of cufflinks was, he would most likely say one of two things. Either he’s never had an occasion to attend that was appropriate for cufflinks. Or he would say that he donned a set for his friend’s wedding day.

Cufflinks are gifts for men that men never, ever buy for themselves. This is the type of men’s wardrobe accessory that is tied to a special event such as a the day when a man and wife become one. On a regular day, when a guy is getting dressed, he is not thinking about the cuffs on his sleeves. He may not even be wearing a shirt that has sleeves longer than the short sleeve on a t-shirt. Most men have a lot of “jeans and t-shirt days”. The step up from this would be an outfit consisting of a pair of Dockers and a dress shirt. This would be the minimum requirement for attire in an office. When you get to the level of a meeting or party that needs a suit, now you start thinking about what cufflinks could make you look even snazzier.

The great thing about cufflinks is that there are so many styles. Here is a list of just a few types you can go for that either highlight your personality, important cause, nationality, hobby, favorite foods or political leanings:

  1. Zodiac
  2. Flags
  3. MLB Cufflinks / Professional Baseball Teams
  4. NFL Cufflinks / Professional Football Teams
  5. Awareness – Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, etc.
  6. Music Themed
  7. Car
  8. Democrat / Republican
  9. Gambling Themed
  10. Food Themed
  11. Patterns or Paisley
  12. Legal Themed
  13. Financial Themed
  14. Medical
  15. Engravable / Personalized
  16. Letters / Numbers

Many times a groom will pick gifts for attendants that are cufflinks. He will take one of two paths. He will either have everyone wear matching cufflinks, such as everyone wears a letter for their first name. Or, he’ll take some time and think about what defines each of his groomsman’s personalities. The groom might get his lawyer friend cuff links that say “guilty” and “not guilty” whereas for his doctor friend a set of mini stethoscopes are an easy pick. Gifts for groomsmen of cufflinks make it easy for the male wedding party attendants to look coordinated and complete. And they can use their popular wardrobe accessories the next time a special day comes up down the road.

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