Designer Diamond Anniversary Rings


A customer who has chosen to purchase one of the designer diamond anniversary rings can look forward to a number of further choices. The first choice will concern the metallic content of the largest section of the ring, the part that goes around the finger.

Diamond Anniversary Rings
Designer Diamond Anniversary Rings

Some designer diamond rings contain a 14 karat gold; some contain an 18 karat gold. The customer must choose between those two options. Then the customer must decide on the color of the ring band.

A designer ring can have a yellow band or a gold band. It can be fashioned from yellow gold, white gold or it can be a platinum band. It can be designed to hold one stone or three stones. The three stone rings enjoy a growing popularity. Any one of the designer diamond anniversary rings that has three stones illustrates consideration to events of the past, the present and the future. Five stone diamond anniversary rings are also gaining popularity.

Once a customer has decided on the color of the band for the desired, anniversary ring, then the customer must decide on the setting for that ring. The setting can protect the gemstone at the top of the ring. Among the designer diamond anniversary rings, the diamonds in the selected ring can have one of four settings—bezel, pave, prong and channel.

Having chosen the setting for the ring’s diamonds, the customer must next select the cut of the diamonds. The diamonds in an anniversary ring can have a round cut or a princess cut. If the diamond that will be placed at the top of the ring is a rough or a deep stone, then the princess cut should be recommended by the jeweler. Round cuts are more often used for males, for example in men’s diamond wedding bands.

There are additional reasons for electing to use the princess cut diamonds. Those diamonds have more facets than the traditional-cut diamonds. For that reason, they produce more sparkle than any traditionally cut diamond.

The princess cut diamond has an important feature, a feature not found in the most popular round diamonds. A princess cut diamond has distinct corners. Any one of the designer diamond anniversary rings could need a way to protect the sharp corners of the specially cut gemstone. That fact should not be forgotten by anyone who plans to purchase a designer diamond anniversary ring.

Designer diamond anniversary rings are usually purchased by spouse loving spouses who expect to begin the second year of a marriage. A short verse can be engraved on such a ring. Typical engraved sayings include the following: “love you,” “eternally yours,” and “forever yours.”

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