Diamond Engagement Rings


Not every man searches for the same type of life-long partner. Not every man is attracted to the same type of woman. For that reason the diversity among our modern wedding rings worn by brides has been matched by a diversity of diamond engagement rings.

A woman who prefers to copy the more traditional route, the route taken by numerous past brides, might prefer to have a very simple ring. She might want to choose from among the diamond engagement rings with the solitaire setting. She might prefer to have a ring with a small round diamond, or a ring with a princess diamond, a small square diamond.

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

A woman who yearns to have a more distinctive ring might want to have an engagement ring with side stones. Still even the decision to have side stones does not remove the diversity of possibilities from a collection of potential diamond engagement rings. A woman who wants side stones in her ring still needs to determine whether she wants diamond stones, or colored gem stones.

The three-stone engagement ring offers an alternative to both the solitaire ring and the ring with side stones. In a three-stone ring, the center stone usually has a particularly eye-catching feature. It might, for example, have a very unique shape.

Among the diamond engagement rings now on sale, the diamonds come in at close to one dozen different shapes. In addition to the round and princess shapes mentioned above a woman can elect to have an emerald-shaped diamond, an oval-shaped diamond, a pear-shaped diamond or a heart-shaped diamond.

Some women do not feel ready to wear a diamond ring with any of the above-mentioned shapes. Some want something that can be more of a conversation piece. Some future brides show their friends an engagement ring with a Marquise diamond. That is an oval with pointed, rather than rounded, ends

If a future groom finds that his future bride does not like any of the diamond engagement rings in the counters of the area jewelry stores, he might encourage her to look at the rings that are offered online. At some web sites, a woman can actually design her own engagement ring. Of course mens diamond engagement rings are also very popular.

Of course, a young man would want to be able to pay for the individualized engagement ring. Fortunately, the web site operators appreciate that fact. Some web sites promise to offer those who purchase an engagement ring an interest-free payment plan.

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