DIY: Goblets with Paper Shades


These cute little guys are so easy to whip up, you and a few friends could make hundreds of them while you watch an episode of Bridezilla! Not to mention all the fun you’ll have laughing at the nutty brides!

Obviously, these shades can be customized for your wedding. SEI paper outlet is located on the south end of the valley and they always have mega-discounted paper in their bins. The glass cups can be found at the dollar store or bought by the dozen from many places online. Hobby Lobby is also a good place to look. Just watch for their 50% off sale, which they have all the time {thankfully!}

This little glass votive is just one of a million that I happen to have in my little stash. Same goes for the paper. When I said you can turn these out in a hurry, I’m not kidding. I gathered all the stuff, cut, taped and photographed all in less than 25 minutes {and I had 4 kids playing cowboys around me…I was the hiding spot.}

So here is what you need:

  1. Make the template {instructions at bottom.}
  2. Trace the template as many times as possible on your paper.
  3. Cut it out.
  4. Using double sided tape, bend flat edges together, line them up nicely and tape the outside edge of the top layer.
  5. Place it on your glass cup and whal-la!

Here is how to make the template:

Choose your cup. This is a crystal wine goblet.

Measure the side of the goblet, cup, votive….roughly, mind you. I laid the goblet on its side and drew that line you see in the center of my page. Now, obviously, the paper I used is not big enough to make a template for this particular goblet. I grabbed a scratch paper {see the cute staple in the corner} and used it. You’ll want to tape 2 pieces of paper together if you are going to do a larger cup. It worked for demonstration purposes.

Next, use a compass or a string and pencil to draw the half-circles. It’s really easy. I actually just used my knuckle instead of a string. If you need more instructions here, you simply tie a length of string {like yarn} together and put a stationary item {pencil, finger, etc.} at one end and put your drawing pencil at the other end, pull the string taut and away you go! Your circle will be a perfect circle, thus, your half-circle will be a perfect half-circle. Although, perfection is not necessary here! That’s it. Easy.

Here’s what the template looks like on the goblet:

This is what it might look like in a finished setting:

You can add all sorts of fun embellishments: pom poms, crystals, beads…just about anything. Vellum with embossed designs would look fantastic, especially with candles. Beautiful floral arrangements behind the shaded candle holders would look loads better than this arrangement, but, again, this is what I had on hand.

If you happen to make these, do send me some pictures so I can post them. It is lovely and inspiring to see what delightful creations can come from simple beginnings!

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