Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations


Wedding Invitations can be casual or elegant, formal or fun, themed or eclectic, – in whatever style you dream of to announce your forthcoming wedding day. The beauty of Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations is that you can create your own custom design, and you are not limited to the pricey choices of some of the finer wedding invitation and engraving wedding invitation stores. Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations are not the “cutesy crafty” homemade wedding invitations that might come to mind with so many do it yourself projects. Elegance, style, and personality permeate the aisles of stationary and craft stores today. Aisles are dedicated to the embellishments, decorations and ornaments that add the class and uniqueness to every do it yourself invitation. You are a unique couple, and your homemade wedding invitations should glorify that uniqueness.

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Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

Unique wedding invitations are without a doubt one of the many wedding heritages that are expected to be neatly tucked away with your priceless wedding photographs until the grandchildren visit. Then, the wedding memories should be brought out on the coffee table for your children’s children to giggle over, while the two of you reminisce and share smiles over secret memories. Although you might not want to share all of your wedding secrets with your grandchildren, sharing with them your secrets to your exquisitely designed wedding invitation might garner some ooohs and ahhhs over the giggles. I bet they never knew you were so talented.

Even if you’re not talented, and not a “crafty” person, today’s stationary market has opened a world of creativity at your fingertips. Do it yourself wedding invitations should match the wedding, and be styled to show all the guests the character, charisma, and distinctiveness of the wedding couple. For the un-artsy or non-crafty person, there are wedding stationary stores that cater to you through millions of wedding websites, providing do it yourself wedding invitation kits. For those who render themselves unable to be packaged, choices of paper are unlimited, and if you want to dedicate a substantial amount of time, you can even design your own paper.

The more common papers for do it yourself invitations are cotton, corrugated, and parchment. There are of course marbled, metallic, brushed, antique, soft, silky, impressionist style and abstract wedding invitation paper available. Browse the wedding websites and browse through stationary stores, look at professionally made unique wedding invitations. Determine who you are as a couple, and find the paper that says “yes – this is us – this is our wedding.” Consider if you would like an overlay to the invitations, such as “glassine” used in envelopes or “vellum” used as stationary. Choose a size and a stylish font or a flourishing calligraphy style for your wedding invitations. The embellishments, ornaments, or decorations will be the element of your do it yourself wedding invitation that most resembles your style. These could be thin golden braids that garnish the center fold, or the small unique seashell that sits delicately in a corner with sprinkled sand in terms of beach wedding invitations. The ideas are limitless, what’s important is that it portrays the inner side of the wedding couple and wedding theme.

Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations are a classy addition for every wedding couple to have in their wedding plans. Defining yourself as a couple through your Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations and your Wedding Theme offers custom opportunities that the finest of designers can’t provide. And when you look back on your wedding album and your inexpensive wedding invitations, just think how impressed your grandchildren will be to hear “I did it myself.” Grandma and Grandpa are pretty cool after all.

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