Double Dog Dare


It’s nothing new to any of us that we consider our dog(s) to be part of the family or to treat them as our “children”. We dress them up, design special sleeping arrangements for them; grocery store aisles are dedicated to them with treats, toys and even frozen doggie desserts. They are always happy to see us, shower us with affection and are loyal companions; our confidents, who always agree with us.
Double Dog Dare
Having your dogs, who have been alongside you during the highs and lows, with you as you exchange vows are your wedding, seems only fitting and natural. In fact, this trend is steadily growing more prevelant and popular amongst couples. There are so many ways you can incorporate your dog into your wedding and photos, like this adorable photo, we’ve entitled “Double Dog Dare,” with the two French bulldogs peeping over the edge of the pier.

Tip: Just make sure you assign someone to watch your dog, and make sure it has plenty of water and food during the day.

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