Electronic Wedding Invitations


The debate over wedding invitations has shifted from proper wording and addressing to whether or not electronic invitations are the wave of the future or just plain tacky. Couples are beginning to design all-electronic invitations to weddings. In addition, some couples are also using social networking sites like Facebook to deliver wedding invitations to friends and family.

What does a wedding invitation mean and is an electronic invitation the same thing as a paper one? Most wedding planners and etiquette mavens agree: save the electronic invitations for informal parties and stick with paper for events like weddings.

While most people have access to computers and email, electronic invitations simply don’t convey the same sense of importance that a mailed wedding invitation does. Electronic invitations can be made to include photos of the couple, audio and video recordings, and more. And, of course, they hold all the same information that a wedding invitation does, but they’re simply not as formal.

How do guests respond? Some guests don’t mind the electronic invitations. They fit into the guest’s lifestyle, so they see no problem with it. Others are horrified by the approach, labeling it tacky and cheap. Still other guests respond by not responding at all. In an era where people may receive hundreds of emails daily, trusting that your wedding invitation will stand out from the crowd may be a major risk. There’s always the possibility that your wedding invitation will be filed among the spam emails and advertising junk.

Experienced wedding planners are almost universal in their disdain for electronic invitations. While they may be the wave of the future, experts agree that most people still want to see wedding invitations in the Post!

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