Elegant Bridal Jewelry Themes


The wedding bells are around the corner. The wedding dress is ready. The hall is fixed. The parents and the friends of the bride and groom may be busy in other arrangements. But one should not forget the other important thing – bridal jewelry sets.

Elegant Bridal Jewelry Set
Elegant Bridal Jewelry Themes

The jewelry list is very big. The common decorative centerpieces for wedding jewelry includes necklaces, bangles, rings, hip bands and many more. But one has to have all her patience in selecting bridal jewelry sets that suit her the most.

The necklace is the most important item as far as jewelry sets for the bride is concerned. The necklace that the bride wears should suit her neckline perfectly . This way the wedding jewelry will give an enhanced look to the dress that she wears. There are many necklines like v-neck, sweet heart neck, open neck etc. For open neck all kinds of jewels will look good. Whereas for up-closed neck pendant is the best.

Of late the brides have started wearing unconventional bridal jewelry sets. Gone are the days where the brides are advised to wear the traditional sets of bridal jewelry worn by their parents. Thick, broad jewels are pushed out of the door of modern fashion world.

Delicate jewels are all the rage now. Gold, diamond rings, and silver rings are the most preferred by many in countries like India. In countries like United States of America even platinum, nickel silver, crystal and titanium bridal jewelry sets are famous.

The bridal jewelry set may look gorgeous but most importantly it must suit the dress the bride wears on the wedding day. More so the wedding jewelry should match with the color and style of the bride.

This being the case, in case if the bride prefers gold wedding jewelry for her wedding, then it is better blend the wedding pearls with gold. The bride can select pearl earring or diamond earring, as both will match with gold perfectly. The diamonds are costly but the pearl wedding jewelry is not that costly.

It is better to wear chokers with necklace, as it will look very good. One can think of three- tier bracelet instead of leaving the hand bare. Of late brides of 21-st century prefer the colored stones. Swarovski crystal jewelry of Austria is very much in demand now a day as this stone imparts the jewelry an added hue.

If the cash is not the constraint the bride can think of two different bridal jewelry one for wedding and the other for the reception. Bridal jewelry sets are an asset as they have excellent resale value.

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