Elegant Wedding Party Gift Ideas


There are millions of details to consider when planning a wedding. Fortunately, choosing appropriate gifts for the wedding party is not as worrisome a task as it may seem. Although choosing wedding party gifts can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, it is important to select a gift that will honor your relationships with the wedding party.

A gift is the ideal way to thank your friends and family for their support of your special day. In addition to obvious gift recipients, such as the maid/matron of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers, you may need to consider tokens of appreciation for friends who are involved with other aspects of your ceremony. It is considerate to honor friends assigned to special tasks. Distinctive roles include ushers, guest book attendants and soloists.
Elegant Wedding PartyYour wedding party gift is an expression of creativity thanking your supporters for their emotional investment and encouragement. It is appropriate then, to select a gift that will pay tribute to your relationship with this individual. The type of gift you select is a deeply personal decision. There are no hard and fast rules. One only need to remember to choose gifts that are both thoughtful and sincerely given. Outside of those general guidelines, remember that wedding party gifts may be useful, sentimental, funny, or whimsical in nature.

It is important to consider the personality and lifestyle of the recipient. For example, although monogrammed cuff links are classic, timeless and beautiful gifts for male members of the wedding party, it would be inappropriate for the man who rarely wears formal attire.

Gifts for the wedding party can be based on themes. When dealing with bridal party gifts, one popular option is to choose similar gifts for all bridesmaids. For example, brides may select luxurious robes for the bridesmaids to wear to hair, makeup and spa wedding preparations. Each robe, however, may be customized to each person by color, or other personalized elements (name, funny quotes, etc).

Wedding party gifts do not necessarily have to be an object of sentimental value or a gift designed to evoke years of appreciation. Your wedding party may appreciate gifts that allow them to participate in an event that they would truly enjoy. For instance, premium tickets to a ballet, museum event, or sports game are wonderful ways to express your gratitude.

Younger members of the wedding party are easier to please. Feel free to splurge on desirable toys such as stuffed animals, or a nice box of favorite candies.

Popular bridesmaid gifts include anything personalized: this includes upscale pens, writing paper, jewelry boxes or purses. Your maid of honor may appreciate jewelry. Pearls, birthstone earrings, necklaces, or a lovely watch is always well liked. Groomsmen gifts may include cocktail shakers, watches, or subscriptions to ‘item of the month’ clubs.

If committed couples are involved with your wedding party, it is appropriate to give gifts that the two can share. For example, matching monogrammed linens or a trip for a weekend getaway would be deeply cherished.

The selection of a gift for members of the wedding party communicates your thankfulness and joy in their ability to share in this magical event. Be sure to choose a gift that suits their personality and the nature of the relationship.

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