Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


In most engagement rings, the diamond has a prominent place at the top and center of the ring. In the emerald cut diamond engagement rings, that diamond in the center has been cut to resemble an emerald. The women who wear emerald cut diamond engagement rings sometimes “surprise” observers with the unexpected appearance from their ring of a flash of light.

When a diamond has been cut to resemble an emerald, it receives long lines, lines not found in most cut diamonds. Those long lines reduce the brilliance of the diamond. Women who wear diamond engagement rings that are emerald cut can not show their friends and family a fiery diamond.

Still, an emerald cut diamond has something not possessed by most diamonds. That strangely cut stone has broad regions, regions created by longer, unbroken lines. Unexpected flashes of light can emerge from those broad regions of the emerald cut diamond.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Emerald Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

If a future bride decides to search for an emerald cut diamond, she should know that such diamonds come in a range of colors. She should not expect to find a green diamond. She could have a jeweler show her a colorless diamond, or a very light yellow diamond. In addition, other diamonds in the range between colorless and light yellow have been used in the emerald cut diamond engagement rings.

Still, a woman who wants an emerald cut diamond ring must think beyond color. Two features about the cutting process determine the quality of the cut gem. A woman who plans to choose from among the available emerald cut diamond engagement rings needs to appreciate the importance of those two features.

A quality diamond has a good polish; it is smooth. An emerald cut diamond can be classed as a good-quality diamond if its facets have the same smoothness as the facets in a diamond with a traditional cut.

A quality diamond has an expected symmetry. The alignment of its facets does not produce misdirected light. Whenever light from a gemstone does not reach the eye of those who will be viewing the stone it has been “misdirected.”

One reason that young couples have for considering the purchase of an emerald cut diamond engagement ring is the fact that such rings are less expensive. Such couples should resist the temptation to look for the cheapest emerald cut diamond engagement rings. A poorly cut ring stone allows any flaws or color weakness in the gemstone to show clearly in the ring’s diamond.

The quest for an emerald cut diamond engagement ring should concentrate on rings in which the diamond has a length between 1.50 and 1.70. An emerald cut diamond with a length of 2.00 will be a very thin diamond. Once you select your perfect piece of jewelry and make your purchase make sure you buy insurance for the engagement ring.

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