Engaged? Start These Routine Beauty Tips Now!


The ring is on your finger. It’s official. You’re engaged! A million things start going on in your head and you wonder which one to latch on to first. Here are a few beauty routines you should start now and work into your daily, weekly and monthly routines building up to your wedding (and even after). Schedule a manicure


Schedule a manicure for at least once a month leading up to the wedding, so that your cuticles and nails can be in healthy condition for all those close-up photo shots. This is also a fun opportunity to experiment with some daring colors! You could even multitask by taking your maid of honor along and discussing wedding details while you both get your nails done.

Tip: For results lasting up to twice as long, get a shellac manicure. Just a tad pricier, they use UV technology for a harder and smoother finished nail.

Photo by Munoz Photography

Bronze it

Get that sun-kissed glow and use a gradual self-tanner like Lancome Gel or Clarins Instant Gel (for an immediate and subtle glow). You won’t looked washed out in your wedding photos. Here’s a list of top self-tanners recommended by ELLE. Most experts recommend you get a self-tan a few days before your wedding, to have time to fix any trouble spots and to calm down the color.

Tip: Before applying self-tanner exfoliate. Apply lotion to your elbows, knees and other rough/dry spots on your body for a better blend. Start with your legs and work your way up, leaving your arms for last. Blend the lotion from your legs onto the tops of your feet (never put a blob of lotion from your hand onto your foot). The same applies with your arms to the top of your hands.

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