Engraved Wedding Favors


Keepsakes that display effects usually last for a long time in the mind of the guests. One idea that proves to be the subtle strokes of aesthetic emotion of romanticism that add essence to the reception dinner of your auspicious wedding ceremony is engraved wedding favors. Just like a little cherry on a cake gives it a perfect touch to its glory, the engraved favor, also gives your reception party a distinct touch of ever-lasting memory of hospitality and mode of expressing the heartfelt gratitude. Starting from the engraved glass coasters to expensive wedding favors engraved with messages, there is a wide assortment of ideas of elegant wedding favors that you can choose from for your guests. Favors that’s display the couple’s name and wedding date hold memories of the wedding till the last day.

The concept of engraved wedding favors has become extremely popular, as it is one of the excellent ways to commemorate the special occasion like wedding and anniversaries. When the personalized messages are tagged with these elegant engraved wedding favors it tends to take on more meaning for your guests.

Engraved Wedding Favors
Engraved Wedding Favors

Engraved personalized mint tins, with the names of the couple and the date of the wedding engraved in a stylized font are really delicious and unique favor ideas. Favors like these are the mind-blowing way to express your gratitude to the special guests who have come to join you on your special moment. Personalized cookie packs also fall in the category of classy wedding favors – engraved with the initial letters of the names of the couple.

Among the tons of astounding engraved wedding favor ideas, another glamorous idea is keepsakes engraved with symbol of heart is the engraved candleholders, betokening the undying flame of love. These engraved gifts also act as beautiful decor elements that can wow your guests.

The personalized wedding coasters prove to the awe-inspiring wedding favors engraved with the names of the couple, the date of wedding and a brief message. Such engraved wedding favors are perhaps the most innovative and unique way to adorn the reception tables with awe-inspiring welcome appeal. This, however, should be the goal of every couple.

Engraved leather flasks are another idea for an engraved wedding favor. Although this may prove to be an expensive option, yet if you are not on the tight budget, this is an idea worth saluting, and matches well with liquor favors. Crafted out of quality range of stainless steel with classy engraved wedding favors will run a few miles extra to be the awesome keepsake for your special guests. Such wedding favors engraved with the initials of the names of the couple will have a special effect to the guests, as this gift may be put to real use in their daily life. Minds of the guests will be ever impregnated with the thoughts of the particular wedding even after decades.

Tea has become the drink of this era, and tea wedding favors are also very popular. So you can hardly find any guest who would not love to have engraved style tea bags as the unforgettable engraved wedding favors. Such wedding favors engraved with unforgettable love message is also terrific ways to express the gratitude to the guests for sharing your joy and enthusiasm on the special day.

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