Establishing The Wedding Color Themes


The choice of your wedding color should go well with the theme, the place, the season and above all your liking. No matter however nice and well synchronized colors you have selected for the wedding day, if it doesn’t make you happy it loses its purpose. Are you afraid that the color you choose may not go well with the brides maid dresses or may not be appreciated or is not in fashion now? No matter whatever color you choose. It needs to make you happy, be unique and go well with the decoration.

No color is better than the other. If you have any apprehension about the color of your choice, imagining that the bridesmaids may not appreciate it well or still the same may not go well with the general theme of the wedding, you need to understand some basics of the wedding color idea.

The color you choose for the wedding needs to be special and one that gives the merry appeal for the occasion. The choice needs to be made carefully. Not only you needs to ensure that the color you choose fits well with the theme of the wedding but also with the place and, the time, besides the floral, and the table decorations. Imagine that you have selected an ocean blue for an in house wedding at night or still worse a red color when the flowers you choose for the decoration happens to be light colored ones! Hope now you realize why you need to consider the theme and the time of the day besides the place of the wedding to choose the right color, the most appropriate for the occasion.

Synchronies the color with the Theme and Time

The color has a direct link with the theme of your wedding. The dark ocean blue color would be an appropriate choice for a beach theme wedding. Blue is a color that would go well with almost all the themes .The color would also make a good appearance in a big bright hall but not so in small halls when the wedding becomes a small function. The only difficulty maybe in getting the flowers that goes well with this theme, since you have little choice. Still the florist may be able to work with you. The blue is also a good choice for a spring wedding. It is imaginative deep and quiet. If you are one that belongs to any of these types, well! Go get married wrapped in blue, the Royal blue!

Many may not prefer a pure red for the occasion with the over active and gaudy nature. However you can choose a variety of its shades like maroon, phoenix red and alike. The color goes well with the evening wedding on bright summers and also wedding after the holidays. It is a perfect combination with golden yellow to add beauty for the evening outdoor weddings. The advantage is the easy floral decorations since many flowers are plenty available in this color in a variety of shades and in all seasons.

Evening weddings are better decorated by yellow colors, Combined with the golden hue it makes a perfect combination for a bright summer wedding. Roses and tulips and other flowers go well with this color and it is so soothing that the color gets immersed in the classical music if played in the background and the mood of the wedding evening.

A spring wedding naturally goes well with the silver color. The centre piece and the decorative all that goes well with the color of the white metal makes a rich and affluent appearance and is an excellent choice . Winter themes also goes well with this color. In an outdoor wedding the clear sky with stars adds to the beauty and splendor of the festivity and makes your wedding day unique and fairy tale like. The planning for the choice of the wedding color needs to be made well in advance and the opinion of your close friends and relatives would immensely help at times of confusion. More than the theories and suggested combinations, it is your liking and choice that matters most and makes the occasion unique and personal.

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