Facts About Titanium Wedding Rings


Rings are very important and sentimental in a person’s life, as weddings are. This is applicable both to man and woman. The choice of wedding rings does depend not only on one’s tradition but also one’s taste of jewelry, one wear or presents. In addition to the standard precious metals, titanium wedding rings have always been a sign of elegance and stature for men and women. The amount of importance that is given to the selection of spouse, accessories, wedding dresses, best man and woman, and on overall wedding, the same importance is imparted to the selection of wedding rings. Wedding bands are available not only in different designs but also in different metals. One can wear these rings in gold, platinum, silver, titanium, zirconium, and so on, depending on their interest and the budget.

Titanium Wedding Rings
Facts About Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium, an abundant element in the Earth’s crust is known to be strong, resistant to acids, common salt solutions, corrosion, high temperatures, gas of chlorine, scratches, and does not bend easily. It is for this reason that titanium wedding rings are gaining popularity. Titanium is a silver-grayish-white metal, which is lustrous in nature and easy to work with. Wedding rings made of titanium are equally popular among the today’s generation as the rings made of gold, or silver. Most of the jewelry, including the wedding rings of titanium is made from the available grades of titanium like aircraft grade Ti-6/4, hardest alloy Ti-6/6/2 and Pure Ti-999. Most of the jewelry shops display different styles of rings. For example, white gold bands or platinum engagement rings, or diamond or gemstones or color stone set bands, and so on.

The jewelers make sure that the titanium rings are not allergenic, and bear the grade identification. The hand crafted and custom-made rings are much sought after by people, and therefore, more expensive than the machine made ones. One has the privilege to choose the available finishing of the rings: frost, satin, high-polish or brushed. The price of a titanium wedding ring depends on the combination of metal, grade of titanium and the finishing option selected.

One has the provision to order the available wedding ring or custom order it through web sites, rather than walking or driving to the jewelry shop to choose one, that too for competitive prices. Web sites provide a wedding jewelry catalog, options available for custom-made jewels, the description of jewels, and even the pictures of them so that there is no doubt left on the customer’s mind regarding any jewelry, including the wedding ring. Titanium wedding rings are available in different colors of blue, night sky, blue moon, purple, black rainbow, solar ash and so on, depending on one’s taste. The colors, though, artificial are harmless to the person wearing the ring.

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