Fall Wedding Flowers


Autumn is the most beautiful time of year. I love the cool weather, the vibrant colors, the calm in the air that says winter is on its way. There’s no better time to pledge your love and begin a new life together. For your fall wedding flowers, choose floral arrangements that are stunning and evoke all that’s wonderful in the season, without a hint of dreariness or contrivance.

The first thing we think of as the year winds down is the beautifully colored foliage. Choose flowers that mimic the rust, amber and deep brown of the earth. Mums, asters and calendula blossoms not only look great as fall wedding flowers, but are seasonally available in the fall. Roses can be found in so many autumn colors, from pastel apricot to rich rust. For more formal fall weddings, consider using white flowers for the bulk of your arrangements and adding splashes of color with smaller blooms.

Fall Wedding Flowers

When you think of fall, you no doubt think of pumpkins. Squash and gourds are inexpensive in the fall, and lend themselves to many elegant uses. However, it’s important to stay away from carved displays that are better suited for a birthday party if your celebration is formal or semi-formal. Use miniature gourds to line the bottom of a large vase, then add a floral arrangement for a grounded look. Hollowed miniature pumpkins make adorable vases for small arrangements. Brush glitter glue along accent areas, where light naturally hits the gourd, for an iridescent sparkle.

Fall leaves can last a long time in a floral arrangement and do not need to reach the water, which makes for a great fall wedding flower decoration idea. This makes them ideal for any size bridal bouquet. They can also be floated in a large bowl alongside blooms for a striking and unusual water garden. Consider using leaves that are still supple to line the inside of vases. Tie several together with raffia to form a fan and tuck into the back of a bouquet. When using fall leaves as foliage in an arrangement, be aware that traditional greenery may not look coordinated. If you’d like, add dried grasses as additional filler. These types of flower arrangement accentuate the theme when created with fall wedding favors in mind.

For fall wedding flowers, there are so many embellishments that are not universally associated with fall, but will add texture and cohesiveness to an autumn bouquet. Cinnamon sticks impart their sweet scent and add height when tucked into the back of an arrangement. Vanilla beans can be used similarly, or added to raffia bows on vases. Try crossing two beans behind a bow for a polished yet charming look. Craft malls and department stores carry various seed pods that can be tucked between blooms. Look for smooth willow branches that have been twisted into elegant configurations to make very unique ideas for your fall wedding flowers – whether as arrangements, bouquets or decorations.

Even a white wedding can benefit from the cool, earthy tones of autumn. Be sure to brighten your arrangements with gold or silver accents, and to use plenty of white in your fall decorations. This will prevent a dark cast on your decor. Capture the beauty of the season and bring it to your wedding. Perhaps it will even lend a bit of optimism to your new marriage, for with autumns change comes the promise of a new life.

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