Fashion Trends 2018


Rich assortment of fashion clothes is offered by modern designers this year. Stylish women will see unusual design decisions and find their favorite piece of clothing in fashion collection 2018. Skim through this article to know hot fashion trends of this year.

Fashion trends in 2018 year


Long cardigan style of sweaters is the latest trend. They are to make everyday image bright and unique. Elongated sweaters look gorgeous if they are combined with conservative skirts and trousers.

Sweaters with tight-fitting cut are for fashion girls who want to look elegant and sweet. Such feminine piece of clothing is demonstrated at many shows from famous fashion designers.

Short-sleeved sweaters are hot trend in 2018 as well. They can be chosen only for stylish appearance because such sleeves are not appropriate for cold weather. Designers think that short-sleeved sweaters are ideal for office workers.


Trench coat is popular in 2018. Trendsetters say fashion women are to put oversized coat on their “must have” list. Trench coat underlines your individuality and protects you from cold weather. Fur coats from sheep, mouton, and goat are trendy as well as cold resistant. Denim, faux leather, tweed, and chiffon models are also in vogue.

Patchwork winter coats are found in fashion collections 2018. They have unique design and are for fashion girls who like unusual clothes. Stylish patchwork coat is made of different types of leather and fur. Such coats may be in pastel colors as well as in bright ones.


Old classic trousers are in vogue this year. If you consider simple pants in classic style boring you should pay attention to designers who offer to brighten such pants with the help of trendy colors and fabrics.

Leather and vinyl pants are demonstrated again at fashion shows. Such fabrics stress voluptuous parts of female body and make it sexy. Black, brown, and red colors of pants are in fashion this year.

Pants in androgen style (combines masculine and feminine features) are seen at fashion shows. Trendsetters have designed male pants that beautify fragile female body.

Decor of trendy pants includes metal accessories, sequins, fur inserts, embroidery, and fringes.


Wrap skirt is original and elegant piece of clothing. So it’s no surprise that wrap skirts are found in trendy collections 2018. Designers say they are appropriate for office as well as for festive events.

High-waisted skirts make body shape visually slimmer and elongated because of moved waistline. Such piece of clothing is perfect choice for trendy girls who want to look very feminine.

Leather skirts of all types are in vogue this year. Pencil, mini, and trapeze leather skirts are offered by trendsetters for women to look gorgeous.

Mini is in fashion as well. Designers recommend combining mini-skirts with warm stockings and sweaters in cold weather. So there’s no need to feel cold if you want to be stylish.


Every fashion girl and woman has several different swimsuits in her wardrobe. And this year girls will be happy because designers offer a wide variety of trendy swimsuits. Closed, asymmetrical, retro, and sport models are the most popular in 2018.

Swimsuits with sleeves are also found in fashion collections. Swimsuits with different top part and leather swimsuits are innovation for 2018. Strong colors, abstract patterns, geometric forms, and arabesques are essential for trendy swimsuits this year.