Five Brides For Five Brothers And All Have Celebrated Their Golden Anniversaries


Glen Wheaton celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife Dixie in Kansas City, Missouri in the US this past weekend. In doing so, he joined his four brothers, who also reached their 50th wedding anniversaries. Ken and Nellie Wheaton celebrated their 58th anniversary this year. Ed and Betty Wheaton celebrated their 57th, while Kent and Jane celebrated their 56th anniversary. Jim and Marti Wheaton notched anniversary number 54.

The brothers credit their good upbringing and healthy lifestyles to their longevity, and the absence of major tragedies for the length of their marriages. The brothers all served in the armed forces, and remained close throughout the years, getting together once each month to share a meal. Ed and Betty live too far away to join the rest of the family, but they share email once a week to keep up on family events.

The trick to staying together? According to Marti and Jim, married couples have to do things together, but maintain separate interests at the same time.

About one in twenty couples in the US celebrate their 50th anniversary, but no one has calculated the odds that five brothers would all reach that milestone.

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