Funny Wedding Vows


Today, not many people want to do things that are very traditional anymore, meaning that they want something that is more modern. Funny wedding vows are an example of modern wedding practices that are growing in popularity. Writing funny vows for the wedding is not a hard thing to do. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when writing marriage vows of this nature. For example, it should be something that is not planned. The funnest vows are the ones that just happen. Often the funniest variations are those made upon existing traditional wedding vows, but with a slight twist.

Something else to remember about having funny wedding vows is that inside jokes work the best. Although it may only be funny to a few people, it is going to be super funny. This usually makes other people laugh as well. The only thing that you have to worry about when using inside jokes is that it may leave a few people feeling like they are kind of separated from the rest of the audience. Remember, to be creative when coming up with funny vows for the wedding, you need to note that that using funny vows only works if it goes with your personality. If you are not typically a funny person, then most people are not going to understood where it came from.

Something that usually turns out to not be funny is when you speak in terminology. For example, let’s say you like video games and you relate everything in your vows to video games. Sure, this could be funny for some people, but a lot of people are not going to understand what you are talking about. You will have better luck going with something that is very open about being funny. For example, you could say something like:

“I Frank, take this women to be my wife, and promise to love, honor, and not obey her until death does us part.”

Something like this is funny, because it is just slipped in there. Also, it’s funny, because everyone is going to get the joke. Of course, this should be done at a wedding that you are in with people that are going to understand your joking ways.

The best thing that you can do is to not over think anything. The jokes that just seem to flow out of you are always the best. Also, the jokes that are kind of truthful are always funny as well. Of course, they have to be truthful in a funny way. For example, saying something like:

“I take this women to be my wife. For richer for poorer…..or at least until she spends all of my money.”

These kinds of jokes are crowd favorites, because they are not expecting them. People expect to go to a wedding and see something very romantic, but when you add in a little bit of humor to your vows, then it turns into a joyful event, and that is what people want. People want to have fun and have a good time at your wedding. So give them something that they want. Also, by making it funny, you can rest assured that your wedding is going to be something that you never forget.

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