Get An Engagement Ring As Special As She Is


Everyone has their own preferences about when it’s best to stick closely to tradition and when you should hold on to your individuality. If there’s one time when women like to be treated as someone truly unique and special in the world, though, it is when they’re dating and becoming engaged. A relationship is about building a strong bond to a specific person and reaching the point where you feel ready to move on to building a life together. To show the woman that you love that she’s truly something special and unique in your eyes, a three stone princess cut engagement ring is the perfect choice.

Ring As Special As She Is
Get An Engagement Ring As Special As She Is

Getting three stones rather than sticking with the traditional diamond solitaire still offers a lot of sparkle, while making a break from the norm. It’s close enough in style to a standard engagement ring that it’s still clear what it’s intended to be, which is very important if you’re getting engaged to someone who will have a lot of fun making the announcement to her friends and family. Still, it also takes a step away from simply echoing the standard expectation and puts its own twist on what an engagement ring should be.

A ring with three stones can also offer some very important practical advantages over a diamond solitaire. The individual stones can be smaller while creating a similar overall impression of beauty and luxury. This creates a ring that’s more comfortable to wear and less likely to get in the way of ordinary activities. Some women find themselves unable to wear their diamond rings very often because they can get in the way of work tasks. For example, a single large stone will often shred latex gloves and this makes it very difficult for anyone in a medical profession to wear that style.

Some other considerations to make sure her engagement ring is unique are to incorporate other precious jewels besides diamonds, such as sapphires or rubies, and use diamonds in many colors besides traditional white, as well. Heart-in-Diamond offers sentimental options she will treasure. Vintage rings can appeal to a girl with an eclectic style.

The engagement ring is an important tradition to many couples, since it symbolizes the depth and value of the commitment that they are about to make. Within that tradition, though, you should take advantage of the opportunity to customize what you buy to ensure that it’s perfect for the woman who’ll be wearing it.

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