Getting Engaged?!


In case you have been house bound {without a TV} for the past long time, apparently, Prince William proposed to Kate with his mother’s engagement ring. The ring “features an 18-carat oval blue sapphire surrounded by 14 small diamonds in a cluster setting” {to quote an article or two.}
But….”Did you know that Princess Diana was proposed to without an engagement ring? After Prince Charles made his proposal, she chose this ring among a selection of engagement rings by Garrard, the official crown jeweler of the Royal Family since 1843. Diana’s Garrard ring made non-diamond engagement rings fashionable in the 1980s. Now that this ring belongs to Kate Middleton.” {another quote from the new-age dictionary, a.k.a. Google.}

I dare bet that sapphire and other non-diamond stones will be a pretty popular in the coming year or two.

My charming husband asked me to marry him {the first time} without a ring. It was rather nonchalantly…after 2 weeks of knowing each other, he suggested we run off to Vegas and get hitched. I, not really knowing how serious he was, said, “Sure. That sounds fun.” Come to find out, he was quite serious! He asked me to marry him {the second time} when we were on a little vacation to San Francisco, 2 months later. This time, we were walking down a really beautiful road with a rock wall on one side. He sat me up on the wall and asked me if I wanted to marry him. I knew he was serious, and I was serious when I told him that I did want to marry him. I am pretty sure this officially gave him the green light to make that once in a lifetime purchase. Somehow he knew me pretty well after those 2 months because he designed the perfect ring {with very little input from me} and officially proposed {the third time} with a ring 2 months after that! We will be celebrating our 14th anniversary this summer! Ahhh…how sweet…*sigh* I know!

On to more relevant info….like where you can find the *perfect* ring…

Jerrick, of Jerrick’s Fine Jewelry, has some gorgeous rings in his shop. You must stop by! Did I say that you should stop by…soon! If I didn’t, well, you need to drop by his shop and get a looksie at these:
Vintage inspired rings have been going strong for 5 years. I love this style of ring. The idea that when someone looks at your ring and thinks it could be a family heirloom gives this design a certain allure that is hard to ignore.
Clean, contemporary lines…this ring has a sleek, unique look. Maybe you could be the next trend setter!
The classic solitaire. A solitaire ring is a guaranteed WIN for everyone!
Stackable Creations…create your look! Stack any combinations of rings to fit your style. I love these rings, too. Personally, I love the low profile…once the babes start showing up, and you have your hands in all sorts of {stuff that isn’t sweet smelling lotion}, well…this style of ring is the perfect everyday, play at the park, clean the floors, make hideouts and have tea parties, wear everywhere ring.
Another classic. The three stone ring represents “Past, Present and Future.” The round cut has been the classic choice of cut and the three stone styling will never be dated and will always have that good ol’ classic charm…just like the solitaire.
Ah, well…ending with another vintage style, with a classic round cut center stone. As if you needed another reason to head into Jerrick’s! When you stop in, make sure to tell him you first drooled over his engagement rings here. And tell him and his lovely wife, “Hi” from me.

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