Grass Wedding


We’re all going to attend a lot of weddings in our lifetimes – and those weddings that stand out in our memories will be those that had unique aspects to them that made them memorable. For that reason, brides are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to add unique elements to their wedding decor. Natural decor has been a hit in recent years, especially with the growing trend towards “green” weddings. You may recall last year’s lime, apple and lemon wedding decor accents which made for some beautiful and memorable weddings.

Another item that has been finding it’s way into upscale weddings recently is grass. It might not seem like the most elegant choice for a decor accent – but as the story board below shows – it can be very elegant. It works well in both formal and informal settings, and it adds a very modern appeal without losing the beauty that wedding decor aims to show.

Photo: Shutterstock

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