Great Places To Propose Marriage


Proposals are meant to be a memorable occasion. Where you propose can be as significant as how you proposed. Women already expect the dropping on one knee and you asking her to marry you. Add some spice to the moment, find a great venue to pop the question.

Paris is undoubtedly the city of lovers. It is an absolutely remarkable place. The Eiffel Tower with its wonderful view of the city is a wonderful place to ask for your lady’s hand.

Another great place to go to for the big moment is at the top of a mountain. If you’re both into hiking and climbing, make the most of the breathtaking view. She’ll surely appreciate the view and the effort you’ve made to get her to the top of the world.

In the restaurant you both love most is another great place to propose. After the great meal, ask her your question for dessert. Her saying yes will be enough dessert for you.

Many men have proposed to their ladies at the place where they first met. It adds a touch of nostalgia to the moment. It takes the wind out of the argument that men never remember important things. The day you met is obviously significant to you. If you can time it with the anniversary of the day you met would be even better.

How about proposing in the happiest place on earth? There are so many wonderful places to propose in Disneyland. How about in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle or by Snow White’s Well? There’s a waterfall if you’d like it more secluded and romantic. Or you can just propose just as you drop from the top of Splash Mountain’s biggest drop.

In the moonlight, on the beach is another favorite. There’s something so elemental about being on the sand and listening to the pounding of the waves. Take a moonlit stroll and take a chance. It just seems like one of the most perfect places to ask her to spend her lifetime with you.

Surprise her by proposing in front of her whole family in a clan gathering. You’d better really be sure she’ll say yes before trying this one because you’re putting your heart on display here. The great part, it also makes the celebration an instant engagement party if she says yes.

In the privacy of your own home is always a good place. Set the mood and ask her the question. Don’t forget the ring or champagne for the celebration.

No matter where you propose, don’t forget to make it special. You don’t need to have fireworks or an expensive meal. You can keep it simple and sincere and she’ll love that too. The important thing is to be true and make your proposal heart felt as you bring out the ring. She is sure to love the lengths you went to in order to make this moment unique, whether propose while floating in mid air in a giant balloon or just with your feet on the ground.

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